Benefits of applying an apple cider vinegar on skin


Apple cider vinegar is prepared by crushing the apples and squeeze out the liquid. Cider is a strong drink, the apple cider vinegar has greatly been used as medicines from a long time ago. It is very natural and treats various diseases even the less basic ones like dandruff. It also clean wounds, acts as a painkiller to toothaches and also poisoning. Basically vinegar is known to be an additive to food but it has a special purpose which is; a pickling agent.

These are its benefits:

Treatment of candida.
This is a fungal yeast that lives on the skin which leads to poor nutrition. The apple cider vinegar restores the body’s PH balance which forms an alkaline environment and leads to growth of the good bacteria which is beneficial and necessary to a human’s body.
Soothing of sunburns.

Add just a cup of apple cider vinegar as you have a bath, it restores your pH levels on your skin and neutralizes the sunburn hence treating the burn.

Treating of acne.

The young especially the people in the adolescent stage suffer most if they happen to have acne on their faces. It is usually of change of hormones. The skin is naturally acidic hence the apple cider vinegar ensures that the acidic layer is restored as it offers protection against all kinds of germs and bacteria.
It is a natural deodorant.
Most of the deodorants that are in the market today has a lot of effect on our bodies. They may lead to skin rash and itchiness which leads to blocking of the sweat guts on our bodies. When you stick to the apple cider vinegar as your deodorant you cannot suffer as it natural. It absorbs all the body odor by absorbing the stinky smells.
Hair appearance and length.
You need a moisturizer first when using the apple cider vinegar as it dries the hair. However, if you want long hair this is the product to use as it enhances hair growth and reduces hair loss,most affected area is on the hair line. It also gets rid of all dandruff on one’s hair.
Leg cramps treatment.
Anything to do with our body especially the legs and hands can be caused by low levels of potassium. Apple cider vinegar has a high potassium level especially when taken with a water mixed with honey hence treating the leg cramps.
It’s an anti-aging product.
Apple cider vinegar fights wrinkling. It makes the skin glow all through.


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  1. Treating of acne.
    a natural deodorant.
    Hair appearance and length.
    Leg cramps treatment.

    this is the best article i read about applying apple cider vinegar on skin ,, all these uses i didn’t know about ’em before

    Thanks Sameh

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