Drinking apple cider vinegar side effects

“Anything in excess is fatal”, Did you know a case documented which explains how prolonged intake of excess apple cider vinegar can lead to osteoporosis?? Since past few years this food is being considered as a miracle in weight loss treatments, curing skin issues and lowering blood glucose levels…. Doesn’t it sound like a medicine dropped from heaven!!!! But unfortunately it isn’t as this universe follows the balance theory and you being a believer of it has reached to the right place. Further in the article let us see if all these claims are actually right or illusory along with the inclusion of drinking apple cider vinegar side effects.

Is apple cider vinegar a Mirum??

Various studies do claim that this food helps in daily life because of the properties it possess which include polyphenols that act as anti-oxidants which can heal heart diseases. Being a type of vinegar it has probiotic property that has natural health benefits as well as skin repairing effects. In addition to this, it can also help in retaining minerals such as potassium, iron and magnesium. With all this in-depth understanding of apple cider vinegar, you must have concluded how useful this product is….. But wait, this is just one side of the story.
The other side of the story is the truth that this product is an acid and anything acidic or basic in nature is always harmful to human body.
Drinking apple cider vinegar side effects include:
  • Throat irritation: The acidic nature of this might result in burning sensation
  • Digestion issues: The acetic acid present in this creates illusion of fullness in stomach thereby reducing the intake of calories. This is the major reason for weight loss which clearly implies that this is just temporary and in long run can actually increase your appetite than usual
  • Skin irritation: Highly acidic nature of this product can result in skin problems if directly applied
  • Lowering bone density: In order to buffer the acidity formulated in blood, this food can leach the bones which cause serious lowering of bone density at a stretch
  • Tooth decay: Its acidic nature can weaken the enamel coating, leading to damage of the teeth
This list of side effects keeps on continuing…
So in short, you must understand that we human beings are complex organisms and each one has unique reflexes. So before taking any decision understand your body thoroughly and carry out under medical supervision.

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