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You have probably seen many TV ads about apple cider vinegar and heard people talk about its benefits to the body. So exactly what does apple cider vinegar do for your body? Read on for a full answer to this question.
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Apple cider vinegar is a probiotic that comes with a range of health benefits for your body.
Here are some of the benefits of this probiotic:
1. Weight loss
This product has properties that have been used for years to aid in weight loss. Its ingredients work to in your body to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism rates, and improve the fat-burning process in the body. This effect is mainly due to the many organic acids and enzymes present in apple cider vinegar. These organic acids, the major one being acetic acid, increase the rate at which stored fat is burned down to produce energy.
Studies have shown that besides boosting oxidation of fatty acids, acetic acid also reduces and sometimes even stops the conversion of sugars into fats for storage. All these actions put together result in significant weight loss.
2. Controlling your blood sugar levels.
This natural health supplement keeps the blood sugar level in check and prevents sugar hikes and crashes that can result in overeating. One study done in 2007 reported that among the diabetic participants, those that ingested up to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each night for up to three days had significant improvements in sugar levels.
3. Improves your metabolism rates
Increased metabolism means the body breaks down food and converting it to energy faster. Once apple cider vinegar is ingested, its digestion begins in the mouth where such digestive enzymes as amylase break it down to component carbs which enhance other enzymes down the alimentary canal.
The supplement often stimulates the whole digestion process, reducing the time the food you eat has to stay in the digestive tract. Faster digestion implies more energy.
4. It detoxifies your body
Much research indicates that apple cider vinegar has detoxifying properties. Therefore, consuming this health supplement is sure to keep your organs clean and reduce the risks of diseases that come as a result of some toxins.
Again, besides being a probiotic, apple cider vinegar has also anti-microbial properties which make it even more helpful for disease prevention.
5. It improves your heart health
Studies done in Japan by the Central Research Institute shows that ACV can reduce systolic blood pressure. The study also showed that using ACV can improve cholesterol levels in the body by inhibiting lipogenesis. Lowering blood pressure and keeping cholesterol levels in check goes a long way preventing cardiovascular diseases and conditions like stroke and hypertension.
When asked what does apple cider vinegar do for your body? Helena Gibson-Moore, working with the British Nutrition Foundation gave other benefits which include balancing the body pH, positively impacts insulin secretion, helps with kidney stones and diabetes, and lessens the necessity of strict exercising and dieting.
It is important to note that ACV has natural ingredients; therefore, you don’t have to stress about chemical additives that can lead to side effects.
Hopefully, this post has been helpful. Consider sharing with your friends so they can also get to understand the benefits of ACV and also find answers to the question: what does apple cider vinegar do for your body?

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