Apple vinegar benefits & Best 4 Uses in your daily life

It’s considered apple cider vinegar one of nature’s treasures, as apple vinegar benefits are well-known for centuries, it’s widely used for treatment, protection, beauty, cooking… etc.

Apple vinegar benefits

  • Reduces blood sugar and protects from diabetes.
  • Decrease fat storage and burns fat.
  • Suppresses appetite and helps you lose weight.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Depresses Cholesterol, reduces Blood Pressure and recovers heart health.
  • Maintains skin health and treats warts.
  • Eliminate cold symptoms.
  • Softens sunburns.
  • Fights cancer.
  • Kills some of the harmful Bacteria.

4 uses for apple vinegar in your daily life

1. Apple vinegar in your kitchen

Housewife can’t dispense with apple vinegar in her kitchen where she can use it for:

Clean vegetables and fruits because it removes chemical residues more than water alone.
Cooking, apple cider vinegar can be added in your sauce and soup to brings its flavors to life.

2. Used as a natural deodorant

As one of apple vinegar benefits that killing harmful bacteria, set a little apple vinegar on your fingers and apply under your arms to clean it, neutralize odor and keeps you smelling fresh.

3. Apple vinegar for your teeth and toothbrush

Apple vinegar is acidic, so some people use it to remove stains and whiten their teeth. Try brushing with a bit of ACV and rinsing your mouth out, but use a moderate amount to avoiding erode your enamel.
It’s also used as an alternative to commercial mouthwashes to help with bad breath.
Where apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties, it can be used as a homemade cleaner for your toothbrush.


4. ACV as a hair rinse

Try adding equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water, and rinse your hair with the mixture; leave it in for minutes and wash it. it prevents dryness, helps hair stay shiny and makes it smell great.


ACV can be an easy and cheap way to handle many problems in your life because apple vinegar benefits is an extremely versatile that has a ton of different uses.

: Apple Cider Vinegar has many and many benefits for our health ! we just need to know the best time and the best amount to consume from ACV.

Thanks For Reading!

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