Is Apple Cider Vinegar Really Effective In Wart Removal? [Answered]

Got warts? Befriend the Apple Cider Vinegar.

We’ve seen warts as a fairly common skin issue. These ugly bumps usually attack our hands and feet.

The Human Papilloma Virus aka HPV that causes these warts is incurable. Hence wart removal is the only option we’re left with. A few modern ways to treat warts are:

  1. Cryotherapy – where the warts are frozen off
  2. Salicylic acid based creams
  3. Laser therapy
  4. Surgical removal

Wart treatments are painful and costly, and they can always come back. A popular natural remedy is using Apple Cider Vinegar.

How does apple cider vinegar treat warts?

Apple Cider Vinegar finds its use as a natural elixir. It’s been used for years in treating diabetes, stomach issues, etc. It’s been effective on warts as well.




ACV imitates salicylic acid. It contains acetic acid capable of killing bacterias and viruses. So the vinegar burns and dissolves the infected skin due to which the wart falls off. The acid irritation also incites your immune system’s power to fight these warts.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar to treat warts?

It’s simple. You just need ACV, water, a cotton ball, and a bandage. You have two options.

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Method 1.

Mix the vinegar and water in 2:1 ratio. Soak a cotton ball and apply directly on your wart. Keep it covered with the bandage overnight. Remove and discard the cover the next day and repeat till the wart falls off.

Method 2.

Mix the ACV and water equally in a bucket. Immerse the infected area daily for 15 minutes. Rinse with water.

Is there any research to back up these claims?

The idea that ACV can treat warts came from a study of salicylic acid ointments. The study claimed that the acid is capable of destroying the wart tissue.

Many experts think that the acetic acid in vinegar can work in the same way. Unfortunately, there’s a little scientific proof to support the ACV’s effectiveness.

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Is apple cider vinegar safe to put on warts?

ACV is quite a weak acid with just about 4-8 % acetic acid. However, it still can cause chemical burns or allergic reactions when applied directly to the skin.

Make sure you dilute the acid before use. If the irritation is too loud, remove the bandage and rinse with water. Don’t apply the solution on open wounds, face, neck, or genitals. Also, avoid using ACV on kids.

Bottom lineApple Cider Vinegar can be the most affordable treatment you’re going to find for your warts. Although its claims have very little scientific evidence, it’s totally worth a shot. It’s better to try it before you go for costly ways.

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