apple cider vinegar while pregnant

Yes, the ACV which has been refined (pasteurized form) is safe to use while pregnant. The other unpasteurized form is not safe for you and your fetus. It can cause a stillbirth, a miscarriage or a post-birth medical complication. Avoid it.
1. ACV controls your blood pressure 
One of the greatest risks of a pregnant woman is increased Blood pressure which may lead to a significant number of diseases including Pre-eclampsia, Diabetes and Eclampsia which severely impair the life of the mother and the fetus. This is a natural product that helps alleviate all these illnesses and keeps both you and your fetus safe.
2. Helps Maintain PH
apple cider vinegar while pregnant
Taking small bits of Apple Cider vinegar while pregnant maintains your PH which in turn has many benefits to your body. Firstly, most bacteria thrive in basic or acidic PH which makes them turned away by the neutral component ACV. Secondly, it reduces cases of ulcers and feelings of nausea which occur mostly when pregnant due to increased release of acidic HCL in the stomach. It neutralizes the acid.
3. Regulates your Blood sugar
apple cider vinegar while pregnant
Increased blood sugar has complications in the long run both for the fetus and to a pregnant woman, especially when uncontrolled. The apple cider vinegar makes it easy to manage since it is naturally available and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. This helps prevent getting children who have macrosomia, underdeveloped babies, miscarriage or large for gestational age and lastly extremely hungry kids upon delivery.
4. Prevents leg cramps and varicose veins formation
apple cider vinegar while pregnant
Taking apple cider vinegar while pregnant has been noted to prevent and eliminate leg cramps and varicose veins. These cramps are mainly caused by reduced potassium levels which lead to muscle pain. Since ACV is loaded with great amounts of potassium, it helps solve this issue which could turn out dangerous for pregnant women.
5. Weight Loss during pregnancy 
apple cider vinegar while pregnant
Many of the pregnant women tend to become so heavy and some feel bad about it. To add on to the fact that you are an obese pregnant woman, it may make you really frustrated on ways to control your weight. The pasteurized form of apple cider vinegar will help you out since it has weight reduction properties. It is natural hence no side effects.
To sum it all up, Apple Cider Vinegar is an all natural product that has so many health benefits which makes it one of the best consumable commodities out there. Try it out! 

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