Apple Cider Vinegar and Candida treatment! How to use it Perfectly

Apple Cider Vinegar and Candida

Candida are a group of yeast that can cause fungal infections in different parts of the body. It usually lives in the body without ever showing signs or symptoms, they can be found in the intestines, vagina and mouth.

Apple Cider Vinegar it has been tested and it is proven to work perfectly against fungi. In the case you are experiencing symptoms you can start using it directly as it is natural and has a strong effect that can help solve the problem depending on its location.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Candida
Apple Cider Vinegar and Candida

In case you are experiencing some trouble with fungi in any special place it can be treated with ACV in several ways; in case of having it in your mouth, performing a few times a good mouthwash with Apple Cider Vinegar will fix this situation.

In case it’s located in the vagina, then it can be used in 2 different ways, by applying it directly to the affected area or ingesting it. There are not tested side effects to its consumption. Its antibacterial and anti fungal ability can solve easily cases with yeast infection.


Do apple cider vinegar and candida get along?


The answer to this is NO. There is no better natural remedy to fight Candida like this liquid, is not only use as a salad dressing, its strong at combating fungi in our bodies. Apple cider vinegar doesn’t taste that bad and you can take 1 tablespoon twice per day until your infection goes away.

It can also be consumed regularly without having any infection as it can prevent the growth of fungi and not only that, it will assist your whole body by burning unnecessary sugar and reduce swelling.

It has not been found or tested any side effects to the usage of apple cider vinegar as it shows a very high safety level, the only thing you could feel is that is consumed in large quantities and or extremely often it can create a burning feeling in your throat since it’s acidic.

As ACV has a strong taste it can be easily disguised into other drinks and foods for its consumption, for example, juice, smoothies, black tea, as a salad dressing. This will help smooth down the strength of the drink and you won’t even notice it’s there.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar be used as a cleaning product?

Because it’s acidic and strong against bacteria, it’s very helpful for cleaning the place out a little bit, it’s excellent for cleaning stainless steel as it will remove any stains making your kitchen or silver refrigerator to shine just like brand new.

It can also be used in the bathroom, that place that no one person likes to clean, and help you to make your life easier. Apply it to the toiled and after a few minutes just brush it until the filth is gone.

In case you need to perform a good and antibacterial cleaning to your toothbrush, just soak it with ACV and let it sit for a few minutes. After that rinse with sufficient water and it will be ready to use and clean as if it was new.

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