Best 3 Methods to treat molluscum contagiosum using apple cider vinegar

Molluscum contgiosum was recently discovered to be treated completly by apple cider vinegar . Scientests have found that 37% of people can heal 100% from molluscum contagiosum.

lets explain what is molluscum contagiosum first?

it’s skin lesions is usually painless, and heals all by itself if left untreated. also they rarely leaves scar. lesions caused by molluscum contagiosum is known as mollusca.

MODE OF TRANSMISSION :- molluscum contagiosum spreads by direct contact with the sick person and also by the fomites.

Fomites are the inanimate objects which act as a carrier for transmission of virus, be it clothes, toys and pool equipment.


molluscum contagiosum also spread by sexual contact. there is also another method of self transmission known as auto inoculation,


here virus spreads from one parts of body to another part by itching, using a rough towel and shaving.

SIGN AND SYMPTOM OF MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM :- incubation period of M. Contagiosum is from two to seven weeks.

there is appearance of small skin lesions which are :

  •  Small , smooth and shiny
  •  Filled with waxy material in the central core.
  •  Can be present anywhere on the body except palm and sole of foot.
  •  They may be white, pink or flesh colored


Role of apple cider vinegar :- it is described by its name only ,is a vinegar made with apple and cider, rich in nutrients and packed with fibre.

it is the acidity that helps to treat the Molluscum contagiosum when applied superficially. apple cider vinegar that is recommended is organic and mixed with pure water to obtain 5% acidity.

Apple cider vinegar sometime actually causes more irritation than other treatment available, that’s why it is not recommended for use in children.

Method of applying molluscum contagiosum apple cider vinegar

  1.  soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  2.  apply the soaked cotton on the lesion and apply a tape or band aid over it.
  3.  leave the applied cotton ball with tape for about 16 hours, it is better to apply the ACV overnight.
  4.  repeat the process until skin lesions are gone.

It is recommended to keep monitoring the skin as it may cause harm to the skin sometimes also.

Preparation of bath of apple cider vinegar :- for using apple cider vinegar in children , it is the easiest and best way to give them apple cider vinegar bath.

what you need to do is add one cup of apple cider vinegar in one tub of warm water. and give bath to the children for at least 20 minutes daily night.

a child infected with molluscum contagiosum should not bath with other siblings , as he nay spread the infection.

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