Using Apple Cider Vinegar as foot soak detox [Updated]

Who doesn’t want healthy feet? Our feet bear all weight of our body and do all the rough work. They stay neglected for long periods of time especially in colder weather when they are always covered with socks. So it is must that you detox your feet from time to time in order to keep your feet and toe nails healthy and disease free.

So, here is the saviour-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ACV is a weak acetic acid which contains 4 to 8 percent of Acetic acid, magnesium , probiotics and enzymes… It has anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.It serves many beauty purposes, and among these we have foot care too
The most convenient,cheap and easiest way to footcare is Apple cider vinegar foot soak detox.
For preparing this detox you have to mix it with equal amount of water then soak your feet for about 20-30 minutes twice daily until you see results.
After soaking, dry your feet and apply tea tree oil or moisturizer such as coconut oil or shea butter,especially for cracked feet.
For best results, you can add few tablespoons of epsom salt with few drops of herbal oil.
This detox cures all, unless you have some serious issue. It might cause certain amount of burning if you have any open spot at your feet.
This detox fights various issues related to feet including:
TOE NAIL FUNGUS Soaking your feet for 30 minutes daily will save you from that embarrassing yellow toe plus it will protect your other toes from getting infected.
CORN AND CALLUS Simply by soaking and exfoliating consistently can help you get rid of corns and calluses. You can add lemon juice for better results or you can soak a cotton ball in mixture and apply it on affected area, cover it with a bandage and leave overnight. You can see amazing results in a week.
FOOT ODOUR Bad bacteria and yeast are major cause of body odour. Simple dampening the feet in ACV can combat the odour.
DRY OR CRACKED FEET You can do an overnight detox, soaking your feet in ACV and few drops of olive oil. Followed by application of a natural moisturizer like honey or mixture of coconut and tea tree oil. Cover your feet with cotton socks. In morning wash and exfoliate focusing on heel area.
Other problems that it can deal with are Athlete’s foot, sore and fatigued feet.
Apple cider vinegar foot soak detox relieves the pain and irritation caused by these diseases. It also balances the pH level of our skin, slough off dead cells and reduces swelling.
So go and give your feet a nice therapy and get ready to flaunt it in your stylish heels.

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