Peripheral Neuropathy treated by Apple Cider Vinegar [Methods]

How Apple cider vinegar treat Peripheral Neuropathy ?

Doctors have discovered that apple cider vinegar play major role in peripheral neuropathy treatment. this article will discuss that.

This is when your extremity nerve-endings get damaged and thus your touch/ contact nerves cannot send a signal to the central nervous system.

This damage of nerves presents in the human body with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Nerve pain (neuralgia),
  • numbness,
  • weakness,
  • “pins and needles” sensation in the extremities.

These signs and symptoms usually affect the hands and feet [Peripheral Neuropathy] .

How does Diabetes Lead to Peripheral Neuropathy?


Uncontrolled high blood sugar levels damage the nerves and lead to their poor functioning causing Diabetic neuropathy.


A number of factors surrounding Diabetes lead to Peripheral Neuropathy due to the destruction of nerves and blood vessels.

This Is Important… 

Role of Apple Cider Vinegar in Diabetic Neuropathy

a) TREATMENT OF NEURALGIA – In diabetic neuropathy, the nerves become painful. Treatment with pharmacotherapeutic agents can be more expensive and with great side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar in neuropathy role includes fighting nerve pain. The Apple Cider vinegar achieves reduction of neuralgia in two processes.

One mechanism is by removing toxins in the body that could be exacerbating the pain (detoxification ).

The other method is by ingestion of beneficial elements contained in the apple cider vinegar. These elements include Potassium which reduces nerve pain.

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b) POTASSIUM AND SODIUM ELEMENTS – Apple cider vinegar contains the elements potassium and sodium.

In every 100 gm of ACV, there is 5 mg of sodium and 73 mg of potassium. Apple cider vinegar neuropathy role is effected due to this elements.

The health benefits of potassium and sodium include electrical conductivity of the nervous system and also in the positive functioning of the nerves in the body.

The Apple cider vinegar should be taken in a spoonful form at every meal and positive results follow after some few days. This helps reduce symptoms.

c) INSULIN SENSITIVITY ENHANCEMENT – Apple Cider Vinegar promotes insulin sensitivity to the cells enabling absorption of glucose into the cells.

This, in the long run, prevents high blood glucose which makes the neuropathy less inflicting. The symptoms reduce with increased consumption till the problem ceases.

d) LOWERS BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS – Apple cider vinegar reducing function include lowering the blood sugar.

It does this by lowering the blood sugar levels after a high intake of a carbohydrate / starchy diet.

This reduces the levels of blood sugar which in turn lowers the inflicting neuropathy symptoms brought about by diabetes. When taken for a longer period, it surely reduces the neuropathic symptoms.

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Sum Up …
Apple cider vinegar has by so far surpassed many medications since it is a natural method with very little or no side effects compared to many of the neuropathic drugs being sold. It is a natural remedy that has so far proven to be more beneficial for many ailments.

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  1. I have neuropathy from cancer treatment 11 years ago. Antibiotics stir up the neuropathy
    When they have to be taken for different reasons. I tried soaking in ACV last night. My feet are still on fire and the neuropathy is 10
    X worse. It’s 14 hours and still have excruciating pain and pins and needles in my feet and legs which I did not have before.

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